Early Dismissal Policy

Only the principal (or designee) may grant early release of your student.  These releases will only be granted on an emergency basis.

Early Dismissals WILL NOT be granted after 2:30. There will be ZERO exceptions to this policy.

What constitutes an emergency:
– Medical or Dental Appointments (must have a note from the doctor’s office)
– Illness or injury, you will be contacted by the school.
– Summons from Juvenile or Family Court Procedures apply to all students in the Emlen building, including Head Start.
Any person picking up must have a proper photo ID.  School based staff will check pockets (or recent SIS system) to determine if there are any judicial orders (custody orders) regarding the child
Proper Photo ID must have a photograph and a signature
Releases of students will ONLY take place in the office.  You may not go to your child’s classroom with the intent of taking them out of school.
Non-Staff may not wander the building, at ANY time.
Visitations that do not have an educational purpose will not be granted.
If you send a note requesting that someone other than the people listed on the emergency contact forms pick up your child, we will authenticate the note by calling the phone number of record.  Please keep these numbers up to date.  We will not risk the safety of your child!
When confirming ID, all adults who are picking up the students must remove their headwear.  Staff will be culturally sensitive to this and ID will take place in a private area by the same gender when possible.