Hybrid Student Information

Some Important Things to Remember:

  • If you opt for your child to return to school for Hybrid Learning, please be aware that this consent form MUST be on file.  If it is not signed, or if you refuse to have your child tested, they will need to remain virtual.  If you prefer you may sign the form online, so you do not need to print it out.
  • Please look to this important site as a great resource for information regarding COVID-19 Rapid Testing.
  • A child friendly video to help your student prepare for their return.
  • Remember your student will only be attending Emlen either Monday/Tuesday OR Thursday/Friday and they will need to bring their Chromebooks with them to school for these two days.

As this new type of learning begins please remember that we are a community.  Things may not run picture perfect the first couple days, but open lines of communication and patience are so important.  Patience with each other, patience with our children, and patience with ourselves.  No one ever envisioned on March 12 of last year we would still be here a year later, but here we are and we are working harder than ever in ways we never thought possible.  By “we”, I mean our entire Emlen Community.  So as we start this new part, we just need to remember that we are all in this together and we are #EmlenStrong.